Sexuality is an innate part of our existence as human beings. And, while sexuality and reproduction are important aspects of many people’s happiness and quality of life, virtually every community in the world grapples with the public health issues related to sexual and reproductive health. When we conceptualize sexual and reproductive health, we include pregnancy and its timing, the postpartum period, sexual function and pleasure, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, maternal health, sexual orientation, gender identity, romantic relationships, sexual violence and its prevention, and sexuality education.

To date there are very few academic programs that provide comprehensive training dedicated to understanding and responding to these and other sexual and reproductive health issues on a broad scale. The Indiana University School of Public Health has maintained a commitment to sexuality education and research academic programs for decades. This website will provide you with information about our full range of academic online and residential programs at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels, as well as, our certificate program for working professionals.

We also understand that for many students, joining us in Bloomington is simply not an option. Therefore, this website will also provide information about our new online certificate program in sexual and reproductive health. This program will provide public health practitioners, educators, researchers and others who work on the front lines of public health with the advanced skills and knowledge to support their work and to improve the status of the sexual and reproductive health in their communities and beyond. And, it can be pursued completely online.