Below is a current list of coursework in the department of Applied Health Science that are related to sexual and reproductive health.

Graduate Course Listing

  • SPH-H 504 Breastfeeding: Practice and Policy (3 cr.)

    This course focuses on breastfeeding practice and policy.  Strategies for planning program design to improve breastfeeding practices along with different interventions for supporting breastfeeding in the community are discussed. World Health Organization (WHO) policies and recommendations on breastfeeding practice are also highlighted.

  • SPH-H 515 Human Sexuality Education in Schools (3 cr.)

    Competencies in human sexuality education are identified for teachers, administrators, nurses, and other school personnel. Specific activities include developing a comprehensive vocabulary in human sexuality education, establishing effective communication skills, and reviewing various educational techniques and materials relevant to the teaching of human sexuality.

  • SPH-H 526 AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (3 cr.)

    In-depth examination of the health and social impact of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in the United States and worldwide, with particular attention to theoretical models of individual prevention behavior.

  • SPH-F 543 Family Life Education (3 cr.)

    Philosophy, principles, assumptions, and history of family life education, with emphasis on theoretically based curriculum development. Strategies, methods, and resources for developing curricula to address contemporary family life.

  • SPH-F 553 Teaching Sex Education (3 cr.)

    P: SPH-F 255 or equivalent and consent of instructor. Philosophy, content, methods, resources, and evaluation that relate specifically to the teaching of sex education.

  • SPH-H 555 Issues in Human Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)

    Issues, problems, and scientific concepts of human sexual expression in contemporary society, with particular attention to their relationships to individual health and the development of a healthy sexuality.

  • SPH-B 589 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health (3 cr.)

    Role of social and behavioral factors in health will be examined. Selected theories, concepts, and models from individual, interpersonal, organizational, and social levels will be discussed with applications to health promotion and behavior change programs for diverse public health problems, populations, and settings.

  • SPH-H 595 Practicum in College Sex Education (3 cr.)

    Includes the study of sexuality education methodology, preparation of learning activities dealing with human sexuality, evaluation of student papers, and leading discussion sections of SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality.

  • SPH-B 630 Sexual and Reproductive Health Surveillance (3 cr.)

    In-depth orientation to the major methods and systems used for purposes of sexual and reproductive health surveillance, with a focus on the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data essential to planning, implementing, and evaluating efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health.

  • SPH-B 632 Sexual Health: Contemporary Discoveries and Controversies (3 cr.)

    This course involves in-depth explorations of research and conceptual frameworks in the field of sexual and reproductive health, with a focus on recent scientific discoveries, contemporary controversies, new technologies relevant to sexual and reproductive health, and relevant ethical issues in society.

  • SPH-H 633 Advanced Instructional Methods in Sexual and Reproductive Health Education (3 cr.)

    P: SPH-H350 Teaching Methods in Human Sexuality Education or equivalent. Students develop pedagogical competencies aligned with professional standards, and encompassing emerging technologies and applications, required to deliver sexual and reproductive health education to diverse populations. Intended for prospective and practicing educators and health care workers for, and in, public health settings, including primary and secondary schools.

  • SPH-B 634 Sexual Health Research and Evaluation: Methods and Approaches (3 cr.)

    Sexual health scientists ask a range of unique questions which require tailored methods and approaches to answer. Through a combination of independent readings and interactive discussions, lectures and guest speakers, and student-led presentations, we will gain an understanding of the major elements of sexual health research, interventions, and practice.

  • SPH-B 650 Seminar in Public Health (1–3 cr.)

    P: Instructor permission required. Contemporary topics in the area of public health are studied under the direction of faculty members with specialized areas of expertise. Specific topics vary. Repeatable for credit with different topic.

  • SPH-B 691 Readings in Public Health (1–5 cr.)

    P: Instructor permission and a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 required. Planned readings in specialized areas of professional interest are conducted under the direction of a member of the graduate teaching faculty. Enrollment is limited to advanced graduate students, and reading proposals must be approved in advance. Repeatable for credit.

  • SPH-B 692 Research in Public Health (1–5 cr.)

    P: Instructor permission and a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 required. Research projects are conducted under the direction of a member of the graduate teaching faculty. Enrollment is limited to advanced graduate students, and project proposals must be approved in advance. Repeatable for credit.

  • SPH-B 696 M.P.H. Field Experience in Behavioral, Social, and Community Health (1–7 cr.)

    P: Instructor permission and a graduate GPA of at least 3.0 required. Public health skills are developed through professional experiences in health settings facilitated by preceptors and supervised by faculty. Regular critiques will be held with supervisors, written progress reports and development of a major independent project are required. Graded on S/F basis only. Repeatable for credit.

Undergraduate Course Listing

  • SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality (3 cr.)

    Survey of the dynamics of human sexuality; identification and examination of basic issues in human sexuality as relating to the larger society.

  • SPH-F 258 Marriage and Family Interaction (3 cr.)

    Basic personal and social factors influencing the achievement of satisfying marriage and family experiences.

  • SPH-H 326 AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (3 cr.)

    An introductory, nontechnical examination of the biological, medical, social, psychological, and ethical aspects of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), HIV infection, and other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • SPH-H 330 Human Sexuality Education in Diverse Settings (3 cr.)

    P: Minimum grade of B in SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality or equivalent. To prepare students to plan, implement, and evaluate human sexuality education in a variety of settings. Topics include exploring issues which impact human sexuality education in academic and community-based settings.

  • SPH-H 395 Practicum in College Sex Education (3 cr.)

    P: Instructor permission required. Examination of sexuality education strategies and leading group discussions for SPH-F 255 Human Sexuality.

  • SPH-F 453 Family Life Education (3 cr.)

    P: SPH-F 150, SPH-F 258, or equivalent; Permission of instructor. History of family life education; philosophy and rationale for curriculum development, including methods and source materials. Current methods and theory provide the basis for program planning relevant to contemporary developmental and family issues.

  • SPH-H 464 Coordinated School Health Programs (3 cr.)

    Focuses on the coordinated school health program (CSHP) model components, and coordination. Includes the relationship of CSHP to health and education policy. Emphasis on practical application of organizational principles and school health strategies for addressing current student and staff health issues.