Doctoral Minors

The IU Bloomington School of Public Health offers two doctoral minors in areas related to sexual and reproductive health. Both of these minors are designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of students pursuing doctoral study at Indiana University.

Doctoral Minor in Sexual and Reproductive Health (online and residential)

This doctoral minor, requiring 12 credits of graduate coursework, is unique in that it is available through online and in-person coursework depending on the schedule of students.

Individuals who are pursuing AASECT certification as a sexuality educator, counselor, or therapist will find that our doctoral minor courses address AASECT core knowledge areas required for certification.


students select a minimum of 12 credits from:
SPH-B 630  Sexual and Reproductive Health Surveillance
SPH-B 632  Sexual Health: Contemporary Discoveries and Controversies
SPH-H 555  Issues in Sexuality and Health
SPH-H 526  AIDS and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases
SPH-B 634  Sexual Health Research and Evaluation
SPH-B 633  Advanced Instructional Methods in Sexual and Reproductive Health

      Course Substitutions: A maximum of 1 course (3 credits) may be replaced by a course from the School of Public Health’s graduate offerings in sexual and reproductive health content areas, pending approval from the student's doctoral minor advisor.

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Doctoral Minor in Human Sexuality Education (residential)

This doctoral minor, requiring 15 credits of graduate coursework, is designed to enhance the pedagogical skills of those pursuing scholarly careers in areas related to human sexuality.

Students select 15 credits as follows:
SPH-B 589  Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health (3 cr.)
SPH-H 515  Human Sexuality Education in Schools (3 cr.)
SPH-H 540  Practicum in College Sex Education (3 cr.)
SPH-H 555  Issues in Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)

Complete 3 additional graduate-level credits to be selected in consultation with the minor advisor.